I got this yesterday, a ‘73 VW Type 2 Westfalia, because I like weird and diverse vehicles, :). The camper hood does not go down or is removable, which is a shame. Still, it’s a pretty nifty casting, especially how the tent has wrinkles on it, :).

I can only hope that GL makes a 1st gen Rabbit and a Rabbit pickup next. Seriously, most VWs castings seem to focus on the van and the bug. And they are nice and all, but give me something fresh! When I saw these castings, they had 3 different VW vans and 3 different beetles, all different years with minuscule differences that a non-vw fan had to actively search for to be aware of it ( which is exactly what I did in the store). I’d probably buy a single beetle next, and that’ll be it for me from the GL VW series, unless they have something else besides these two.