1 out of the 3 local Costcos had their Maistos out. Snagged a Centenario, which was #1 on my wish list for this batch.

Also grabbed a Mini because come on, its $15 Maistos. Also loved the checkerboard roof so I thought I’d pay homage to another famous LaLD checkerboard Mini roof.


The best part of my trip was helping out a grandmother pick one out for her car-obsessed 7 year old grandson as a gift. Right away she asked me what age my boys were that I was buying these cars for. I laughed and told her they were for me! She was very interested and asked me all sorts of questions about my collection. I recommended a LaFerrari or Gallardo Superleggera, because what 7 year old wouldn’t love those, but a blue Camaro SS was on the table because that’s his favorite color.

Any way, on to today’s main event: my triple threat Ferrari eBay hawl. I found a seller who had listed a bunch of older models without their boxes, starting at $10 a piece. I ended up winning these 3, which have been on my B list forever.

The Bburago GTO brothers were missing staples from my collection. I’ve always wanted a 288, but even the Hot Wheels branded ones go for crazy money. I was shocked to be the only bidder on this one. The best piece in the lot though is the Jouef 330 P4. One of my all time favorite Ferraris in my favorite configuration is now on the shelf. I got all three shipped for less than a 330 auction that I was watching on eBay from the Netherlands!


Detailed reviews coming on all these and more as I get settled after my move and yet another new job!