It still has issues! I give props to m2 for sending out a replacement kit but I still found faults in it.

The hood does not want to open or close with ease it binds up and takes a bit of force to get it to fit down (rivited are loseing up making it wobble). The axels are still a joke only one wheel fit the other three just fell off luckly I had the first kits wheels still and they fit just right.

This is why they didn’t fit the model kit axels (right) are a smooth bar with no grip crimp to help night into the wheel hub like a assembled car has (left)


If your an in package collector then get them especially the chases (if you can find them) get them but unless your willing to spend some time grinding and sanding to get stuff to fit and it still won’t avoid the kits or not take them out. Heck the replacement kit almost became another trashed car.