Almost ready for paint.

I like the fit. Might remove a bit more metal, so that it fits like this after paint.

The motor has been glued to the interior piece. The hood hole looks a bit wonky (when its apart), but it looks great when together.

Dirty thumb!

Needle files! If you don’t have them... Get them. Mine were $12 at Hobby Lobby. Best $12 I’ve ever spent.

Dirty thumb!

The rear doors on the SP4 look much better (to me). I’m starting to think these two SP2's were made from slightly different casts. The rear cars doors are bigger at the top and bottom. The door handles are just barely in different spots. My needle files will fix the door height, and no one but me will ever notice the handle.

Rear door After ^

Rear door Before V

Have a Wicked Wednesday