The Bronco. The Bronco. THE BRONCO. Yeah, that’s what drew me to this. The F-150 is cool, but dat Bronco. My first GL Bronco too! Unfortunately, the Bronco won’t fit in the enclosed trailer. Just too tall. Still awesome.

I brought out the off-road Gulf F-150 from H&T Seriws 7 to compare. Obvious differences inlcude wheel color, the number, and, the lack of the lifted sunspension on the #66 truck.

The flatbed trailer is simple but nice. Too bad you can’t roll it around or the Bronco will fall off. The other nitpick is that the ramps won’t fold up without coming off, but, as a display, it’s fine.

Now, my favorite part. This awesome, lifted 1966 Ford Bronco.

This is as much as I can get the hood open.

All in all, we’ve seen the Gulf livery used by Greenlight to the fullest extent. I got no problem with that. I do have a slight problem that we don’t have another racing team to race Gulf, but, with the Terlingua F-150+trailer out, and, the Terlingua 1967 Mustang on the way, plus other brands starting to appear, we may be able to have our own little races soon!

Dat Bronco. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to...properly test this rolling it around and making vroom noises....