I do have to say one thing: Be careful with this trailer. There’s supposed to be a spare tire attachment, but, it seems to be really delicate as mine broke off either during transit or when I was trying to open it/take it out. That aside, everything else is fine. Ramps work perfectly.

My third Ram 2500 is definitely just as awesome as the first two.

I brought out my other flatbed trailer for a size comparison.

The Impala is there to show the bigger vehicles fit just fine. More of that:

The last one, a Ford COE I believe, fits, but, the rear duallies do stick out a bit. All in all, awesome release. If you want a plain version, H&T Series 9 has ya covered with a red one.


Edit: I should also mention that with the way this flatbed trailer is set up as opposed to the other one, you can actually roll it around with a car on it, and it shouldn’t fall off.