I understand making a 1/64-scale car has its challenges. Fine details get lost in translation. There’s no way around it. And what has more tiny little details than an open-wheel race car?

The funny thing is, the details on Greenlight’s new-for-2016 Juan Pablo Montoya 2015 Indy 500-winner 1/64 diecast are pretty impressive.


Hot Wheels has done licensed F1 and IndyCar 1/64 casts a few times over the years, and there are always sacrifices that make them look a little too different from the race cars they’re based on. Even for premium casts, that’s just the nature of working at that scale.

So a $10 cast of a modern IndyCar that is surprisingly detailed is hard to turn down. Plus, Chevrolet isn’t represented in my modest open-wheel collection and that needed to change.

I have four other Greenlight cars (all Corvettes) in my collection and the details are what really impress me about the brand. The sponsor decals on the C6R are all spot-on, which is something Greenlight does really well. Look at this JPM car. There are really few complaints when it comes to the decals (outside of a few smudges and scrapes).

This year’s cast also has the updated Chevrolet aero kit (speedway trim, not the wings-on-wings-on-wings road course trim), which is part of the reason I decided to pull the trigger on this.


But for all the greatness there is in this cast (look at those tiny suspension arms... and the camera pod on the rear wing), it also has a pretty big problem with the rear pods — and I don’t mean this cast specifically. Apparently this is something Greenlight screwed up throughout the line.

I actually received this cast a couple weeks ago and noticed on that cast that the pods were bent out of position. I contacted Greenlight and was told to contact who I bought it from. I contacted IndyCar and they sent a replacement. Kudos to IndyCar for doing so — but the new one (which you see in this post) had the same problem.

It doesn’t quite impede the wheels, but it is quite a bit unsightly. It really takes away from what is otherwise a good, accurate cast.

I gave up on trying to get a good one so I went ahead and DLM’d it. I thought the rear piece might be jammed in incorrectly and if I push it enough it might line up right, but it looks like the casting for that piece is really at fault. The whole pod is cast crooked compared to that base wing.

I hate to nitpicket things like this, but it was a $10 cast intended for collectors. Shoot, they’re not even available in stores. They have to be bought from IndyCar or the teams.

It’s really kind of disappointing, especially since Greenlight is based in Indy and doing the IndyCars is really their thing.


But it is what it is. Guess I have two of these now. Perhaps the other is a candidate for customization (rear pod delete maybe).