Hello everyone, I’m new here. After lurking for a while I thought I’d join in the discussion. I’m fairly new to Hot Wheels, but I’m a long time on-and-off diecast collector. My collection is mostly Greenlight (lots of Mustangs), M2, and some ‘80s and ‘90s Nascar diecast of all sizes. The Nascar stuff I’m looking to offload to someone who will appreciate it, but that’s a topic for another time.

Anyway, here’s a small hawl from yesterday in a two week old dump bin at Walmart. The bin started out as only BMW series and has gradually progressed to all types.

I’m seeing the GT350R everywhere locally, so I picked up another for a friend. The Carrera GT is awesome in matte black with tons of detail.

Finally, there’s a Nissan I would have picked up if not for the damage. Has anyone else ever seen something like this in a sealed package?

Thanks for reading!