Thought I would introduce myself seeing as I’m new here.

First of all big shout out to Tinfoil Hat @Tippityplop for inviting me here and to sn210 for making me feel most welcome :)

The Who What and Why.

I’m Alex, 37 and father of two kids under 7 from Sydney.

I’ve been collecting Hotwheels for only about 2 years now (yeah I know - concerning hey) and found the customising side of things around a year ago.
I used to build HO scale train dioramas with my pops when I was 10 and so it was only natural that I progressed to building a diorama for my cars to play on. Makes the photos of my customs and mainline hotwheels ‘pop’ too (well I think so anyway :) )


You can find more of my customs as well as how to guides on making your own deep dish wheels and other such helpful tips at my website My Custom Hotwheels

Please enjoy a selection of photos - both of my customs as well as some of my collection and my favourite edited pics.

Enough chit-chat Alex - Show Us Some Pictures!

First of all, the collection as a whole (for the most part anyway)

Do I have OCD? This photo suggests maybe :p

Simple wheel swap was all this Dairy Needed. I mean c’mon Mattel - you put redline racing on the side and give it blackwalls?! #FactoryFail

RIP Paul Walker

My Instagram #FNLCustoms entry. I came 3rd (Stoked!)

Learn how to make these wheels yourself by visiting my website and clicking on the How To section :) Or just click here ;)

I used the Android App PicsArt to create this effect

Quick boneshaker custom took 30 minutes to throw together and ...damn!

The power of photoshop 1.21 Gigawatts!

My most recent custom - C3PO Kool Kombi (in case you didn’t notice LOL)

Work Wheels Delivery VOLKS(wagen) Caddy

Jada model - not customised. Stunning casting!

Luckily there are no trains on my diorama shelf! ;)

My first commissioned piece - the General and what I have dubbed as ‘Daisy Delivery’

Remove Hotwheels Tampos, add your own and change wheels FTW

Hellasweet indeed

I made this for a Mustang Comp but DQ’d myself for sharing it on IG early LOL! Oh well - earned me a Lamley Customs mention so all good

No school like it

Wheels from Shu Todoroki (Disney Cars character) great looking Enkeis + negative camber = winning! (TE37 style wheels - CM6s for the well versed are my favourite mainline wheel - not that they are very mainline considering how rare they are to find)

Sometimes swapping the real riders for crappy wheels (from a cheap Welly’s model porsche 356) is a good thing. Like here! Punch buggy awesome!

Mini Me(et)

So I’m just sitting here minding my own when I hear the unmistakable sound of a Toyota Pickup at full tilt. I turn around to see three small alien dudes crash into the servo only to run in screaming something about “The Clawwwwww”

Beats me?!?

JDM Meet - Hellayeah

They’ll never catch that R34 in an Evo X. Oh wait. Corners. Never mind ;)

I won’t bore you with more - or add so many images the page never loads so I’ll leave it at that and say thanks for sticking around.

See you around the customising circles. Peace!