So.....I am a mega BTTF fan and have always been. They will always be my favorite movies. Today is special as you all know why so I wanted to join in the fun with some sweet diecast adventures!

I JUST found the Hover this past weekend and it goes well with my BTTF 1 Time Machine as well as stock DeLorean bu they have an issue....all carded...

The original and Time Machine were stacked near the bottom of a column of cars in part of my collection so I had to dig them out.

I figured there was no better day to DLM than this day so BOOM! FREE AT LAST!!

Lovely trio

Seriously, the hover is amazingly cool!

OUTATIME - nuff said

Now the Time Machine is definitely an important car in the films but lets not forget another...

Doc and Marty in chase!

In a complete chronological timeline reversal Biff has hit the A. Jones manure truck!!! OH S#&T!!

I figured since I had the cars out I would also grab some other BTTF things I have..

Poster from the 25th anniversary showing!

GREAT SCOTT two trilogy sets?!?! Yes because I won the special edition at the anniversary showing!!

Finally a super sweet flux capacitor phone charger my sister bought me!!

I may actually go see the film in the theater tonight as my local theater has the original playing at 5:30....tempting to say the least!

Just for kicks, yours truly.....dressed as McFly a few years ago for Halloween!