Photo from Flickr user nigheye

Like, there you are, with your diecasts, you do inventory or somesuch, or you play them and do a shoot, but either way, they’re out in the open. Then, you realize something’s amiss. It’s gone. The toy car is gone. It must have fallen somewhere in the house, and now you’re desperately searching for it everywhere in the house.

“Where is it? WHERE IS IT?!” you say, and you go to the kitchen, you go to your room, you count the cars and it’s not there at all. Everywhere you looked, you’ve vacuumed the entire house, did a garage sale, called up Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and yet it still isn’t there, but you swear up and down that “It was just right here somewhere!!!” “I put it in there next to the studio!”


I’ve experienced that over the years, losing diecasts I mean. Sometimes they turn up, but most of the time I just can’t believe it vanished completely. Bloody Nora. I keep looking at the same spots, and all the rest of the spots, but the green Huracan just didn’t turn up. Same with my blue Tomica Calsonic GT-R GT500. Also gone. And that was supposed to be the centerpiece of my collection. Now it’s wiped, too. No idea where it went.

Who else has experienced it? Who else has experienced vanishing diecasts right before your eyes?