Beware, lots of pics.

This is not a sale thread, not taking reservations, but - nearly everything here will be for sale. I will make a formal announcement when the time comes, at least 5-6 weeks from now.

Sometimes, I just can’t help myself. One might remember the hoard I acquired at a local auction a couple weeks ago. There were a few lots of cars in the auction, without detailed photos, just the most basic overview. There were other lots, but I didn’t bid, as I couldn’t tell what was there - I don’t want a pile of modern stuff. A while after the end of the auction, the proprietor contacted me, stating that the winner of other lots backed out, balking at the shipping charges. She offered them to me, as I am local, and asked if I wanted to take a look. Of course I did. I did so today, and this is the result:

Yes, more mystery boxes stuffed with diecast. Let’s take a peek inside.

First box, not the most exciting for me, some early 90s Nascar stuff and a maybe complete Matchbox playset:

Now to the flat boxes - it gets better.

First box:.

Some expected racing material:

And some unusual late 80s era Matchbox:

Second box, the loose treasure trove:

Lots of Majorette, and much of it is surprisingly nice. Is that another car hauler? It is:

Majos Majos Majos:

A racing Citroen BX, not something you see every day:

And there’s another layer under these, I haven’t even looked yet.

Next on to those blue HW display cases:

First layer, lots of Matchbox from Connectables/World Class era back to later Lesney:

Second layer:

Third layer:

Yep, another layer - the metal wheels 31a in the middle was a surprise:

The lights on this one still work, amazing:

Next up, some racing transport rigs, vintage stock cars, and a bunch of Solido, most of it vintage cars save for a nice brown Corniche (16 Candles anyone?):

On the top of the next box in some papers, a brochure for the 92 Lincoln Mark VII - unexpected:

Under the papers, lots of Tootsietoy and pullback material. The horse trailer at bottom right is Majorette, and quite nice. That’s a Kidco Key Car beside it:

Next box, some Matchbox gift sets:

I am pretty sure someone will want these:

Bond and a Caravan, who doesn’t want that?:

Next box, first layer is a selection of early 90s HW:

Then some Park ‘N Plates:

Some assorted HW:

A very nice surprise, some earlier 80s carded HW, including a cool Real Riders. Unfortunately, the blister on the 3 pack is damaged:

A tall deep box, what could be in here?:

First, these things, I think they all survived:

World Class, I know these have fans:

Any Dukes of Hazzard fans want some Boss Hogg Caddys? Others are also Ertl, Cannonball Run Porsche is fun:

Some late 80s King Size and Convoy are always nice to see:

More SuperKings - the Euro-Express truck must be from around 1983, still Made in England:

More gift sets:

959 pace car, G-Wagen ambulance, Holden pickup support rig, Supervan tire truck, fun assortment:

Looks like a German market piece, the construction set also has German on the box:

Some loose ~1:43 Ertl:

Other misc stuff I found after I took the previous pics. Truck at top is Corgi, not sure who made the Stratos:

Finish it off with a paper bag of loose material, these will be giveaways:

Wide range of ages in this bag:

Every purchaser will get at least 1 random vehicle from this bag.

Now I have even more to sort through for the sale, which will be towards the end of May at the earliest. I have my work cut out for me.

That is all.