Man that sounds dumb.

Anywho, alot’s been added to the wall and I never shared. Better late than never.

So on this first half we have a Porsche series Boxster I got from a lucky find at a Wal-Mart dump bin. Must’ve been leftover in the backroom or something. The CTS V is from a HWEP with GRaewsome, who I sadly never heard back from so I don’t know if he got his side of the deal. MustangFan did me a solid and found the civic, Caddy LMP, and C6 after some first copies got taken. The C6 GrandSport was a nice extra he included. Hope you enjoy those P1s and that Impala, buddy.

And on this side we got A Honda Monkey/Snoopy I picked up from Wal-Mart. The Porsche Series 993 is also another leftover from Wal-Mart. I already had the mainline and I usually don;t pick up seconds but I made an exception for special series cars. The Vega and Boss come from TommyCar, who got a Porsche Series 935. That was all he wanted but I felt it wasn’t balanced enough so I threw him a Renault R.S. 01. Have fun, Tommy. The WRX and Charger are from Plasticprints and I just straight bought them off him, really. The C6.R and Daytona are just eBay scores, though.