Hi LaLD! I haven’t posted in a bit; last weekend I moved, so a lot of the time around that was spent packing and unpacking. And, as it turns out, buying die-cast. So here’s everything I’ve picked up in the past few weeks. There are definitely some goodies in here.

First, this pair from a friend on a forum. I’d been after the Super Drifsta for a while and the Subaru tagged along for the ride.

Next, a handful of big-box store finds. The Racing Champions (or Johnny Lightning depending on if you check the base or the packaging) Buick is really superb, was not expecting to buy that one.

Next, my latest Greenlights and Auto World, respectively. The trailer is hands down my favorite from the Hitch and Tow series. Not only is it a decent size, but the detail is excellent. Check out the lift on the back of it!

Next, 6 Spark 1/64 models. You can tell from these pictures that these things are insane. I am particularly impressed by the chrome finish on the roof on the 919 Hybrids.

I also picked up one of the recent TLV Preludes and applied the door mirrors. It’s what you’d expect from TLV- pretty much fantastic in every way. The only thing I’m bummed about with this one is that the separate rear spoiler that comes with it actually covers up the badges on the rear if you apply it, so I’ve left it off. A real shame as they did an excellent job matching the color on it.

Finally, a larger scale pair from another friend of mine. These were on close-out at his Toyota dealer (what they were doing with Porsches I don’t know) so I was able to get a pretty decent deal on them. The Porsche is a 1/43 Minichamps and the Toyota a 1/18 AutoArt. The Toyota is gorgeous. This might be recency bias, but I’m tempted to say it’s nicer than both my AutoArt RX-7 and TSM McLaren F1.

And it’s got a couple of extra opening parts!

Anyway, that’s it for now. Happy hunting! And don’t be a warden ;)