So I know a lot of people on here are looking for Japanese cars of all sorts, unfortunately my flea market is great at finding just about everything else...

Anyways, I'm sorry but I couldn't find too much of what everyone on here is looking for since most people are going for JDM's... the ones I did find for others have already been spoken for.

Note that I am willing to trade just about anything for one of my must-haves (Black or silver Porsche Carrera GT, Chrome GR-1, V8 Vantage, BMW 2002, BMW M3 GT-2, Corvette C6R, CorVette SR2, Dodge '78 Lil Express Pickup, Viper ACR, Ford Bronco, Goodyear Blimp, Mystery Machine).

Anywho, let the drooling commence:

Mmmm red ferrari

Purple F50 Spider

Mmmmmm red ferrari

I have a Green loose one of these, but it has a busted headlight, needed a nice version

Mmmmmm, red ferrari

Mmmmmm, red ferrari

Radio Flyer!

This golf cart is sweet

Yep, a toilet seat.

This thing is so close to saying HWEPS...

Cool wood-panel surfin school bus

Cadillac Cien

Awesome Saleen S7. The tires even have the Goodyear Tampos...

Cobra Concept!

Treasure Hunt BRE 240Z. It's glorious. And was $5

Treasure Hunt GTX1!

Treasure Hunt Riviera! The GTX1 and this plus another car for $5 was a fantastic deal. I should have bought all the treasure hunts he had... was going 3 for $5...

Awesome livery on this Daytona

Weird that it's called the Vairy 8 when it's exactly a Corvair. Wonder why they couldn't get the rights to the name?

'63 Mustang Concept

The guy had about 3 or 4 different versions of the Scirocco. This blue is my favorite.


Love the sand paint job on this Thing

Silver DeLorean :D

Finally a paint job on an NSX I don't hate

I had a weird paint job on one of these, so I decided to get the all-black edition


This has my favorite paint job of them all. Almost seems like the black is a matte finish.

Anywho, I found a lot of good ones again. Might have to give it a month or so off to let the flea market people get good stuff again. One of the guys told me of an antiques shop nearby that has a wall of hot wheels from some guys 3500+ collection... I will be going there... soon....