A couple of weeks ago, I’d asked if there was anyone here from Thailand. I had an upcoming vacation and I was wondering where to look in Thailand to pick up a few die-cast cars.

While I did not get any response, once I was there last week, I walked into a 7/11 to pick up some gum and noticed that there were a few (largely empty) pegs in there. From then on, my eyes were open. And I was able to pick these up from the airport duty free areas in Koh Samui (the Opel and the AMG GT) and Bangkok* (the 3 pack).

Majorette Racing Series Opel Adam R2 #33 ADAC
Majorette Limited Edition Mercedes-AMG GT
Majorette Limited Edition Series 3 (3 pack) - Nissan GTR, Chevy Camaro, Jaguar F-Type

Prices wise, I was a little surprised though. The older Open Adam from Majorette’s 2015 catalog cost me ~USD 3, while each of the Special Editions worked out to around USD 3.5. These are prices comparable to those in India where these beauties are imported into.


Even bigger surprise was seeing the THB 350 price tag ($10.25) on a lonely 356 from the Air Cooled Car Culture series. That’s eBay level prices, not something that I’d expect to see at a retailer’s peg - even if it was an airport’s duty free outlet.

Noting the disapproving eye cast by the wife, I chose to leave the lonely Air Cooled 356 on the peg and walked out just with the Majorette 3 pack. Sigh.

I will now have to keep watching the Bay or Amazon for it.

*Suvarnabhumi translates to “Land of the Gold” and is the name of Bangkok’s international airport.