... than coming home to three packages filled with cars??

First off there is another successful iHWEP, containing not only the blue Siku BMW 545i (curiously with 530i wheels, but who cares? The doors open!!), but also another Wiessman MF4, AND a Scirocco, also with opening doors! Klauss Schmoll, you are waaay too kind!

Then the package from Boxerfanatic, for whom I am doing some custom Shelby Toyota 2000GTs, who sent me a silver 918, blue MINI Challenge, and Caddy CTS Coupe.


And lastly, we have my ebay purchase, a Unimog which will get a makeover, an MB C-111 concept with opening gullwings which will get some silver arrow treatment, a pristine Miata from 1991, and a Shelby Combra that will get a makeover as well!

Thanks guys for the awesome HWEPs!!!