So I had a 5-day weekend just to take a break and see family. It was a blast, lots of food and catching up. At the same time, I took a chance and went to a flea market last Sunday.

Yep that happened.

Here are some of the notable purchases.

Never bought this many Ferraris in one purchase, but so worth it.

I'm particularly proud of the first editions, great addition to my collection.

But wait, there's more.

I watched Guardians Of The Galaxy earlier today (great movie, one of the better Marvel movies I've seen), and I took a chance at a Walmart. Pretty awesome hawl from today as well.

I really should stop buying these muscle cars, but that '12 Laguna Seca, it woun't feel right if I don't snag it.

I don't usually go for fantasy cars, but that Surfin' Bus looked really awesome. The casting is flawless, plus great colors on it.

That E36 M3 looks really nice, and the 007 DB5 would look great with the green one I have.

Finally, that new Skyline is on my collection!

All in all, massive HAWL, and a swell weekend.