Monday was a pretty rough day. One of my wisdom teeth decided that enough is enough and staged a rebellion. To win that war, I had to make an emergency appointment with the dentist to have it removed. Not desiring to deal with future rebellions, we elected to have all four of my wisdom teeth removed.

Mind you, I am not a big fan of hospitals or dentists. So, getting knocked out with Nitrous Oxide and Painkillers was a pretty new experience for me. The whole surgery took about 45 minutes. They wrote up a prescription for post surgery painkillers and anti-biotics. High as a kite, I looked forward to raiding the Hotwheels display at the pharmacy with the after effects of the NOS making me giddy as a little kid.

We arrived at the pharmacy and I fumbled through the selection of HW cars. Nothing much... I made a mental note of silver and green rrroadster (bottom left) before we approached the pharmacy counter.


“It will take 30 minutes for us to put together this prescription” The kind lady announced.

“What do you want to do for 30 minutes?” My wife asked me.

“Let’s go to Ocean State Job Lot! across the street!” I slurred in excitement.

Yes, this is the same wife that didn’t really want me to get carried away with buying Hotwheels cars... But, she couldn’t help but be amused as I excitedly wanted to shop anyways in my NOS induced stupor.


We quickly went over to OSJL and I found they had recently stocked the pegs. Score! The Volkswagon Caddy was on my wish list since I saw so many people snag them on K Day posts here. The Mooneyes van and Chevy truck look pretty rad. I fell in love with the Mustang and that amazing Mazda Rx7 with racing livery.

And yeah... I had to snag the rrroadster when we got back to the pharmacy. It’s another fantasy car that looks really tastefully done. Nice colors and build quality.

After that, I went home and rocked back and forth in agony because the painkillers were not having much effect on me. Didn’t sleep much that night as well. Oh many my face hurts.