A few new ones today. All but one of these cars really don’t fit in with what I like to collect, but they jumped out at me for one reason or another.

Pretty rare that I will pick up a fantasy casting, but here we have two! The Turbo Streak has a fantastic Unocal livery and is perfectly accented by the white lettered tires and chrome wheels. The Blvd. Bruiser is a pretty decent fantasy casting to begin with, but the paint on this version is excellent.


As for the other two cars, Chevrolet and orange are not things I typically like. But the stripes on the Porsche make it and the Caterpillar livery on the Monte Carlo is fantastic.

This is my first vehicle from the rebooted Racing Champions line. I have been trying to add more decent big SUVs lately and this is an excellent casting of a truck I’m fond of.

The Huracan is the “normal” purchase for me here. It was pretty stubborn about staying attached to its plinth; I’ll have to work on that later. The Johnny Lightning Toronado was a surprise find in the electronics clearance section of a Target where I had never seen JL before. I’m not really a fan of these big GM FWD boats, but this one does at least look interesting and for $3 I decided to snag it.