Soooo I broke down and paid market price ($30-40) for this new White Lightning Ford GT. It’s a decent release, but ordinarily I wouldn’t spend this much on a chase piece unless I really liked it. I had to make an exception for this one though. You see, WLs are typically 2% of a production run. That makes this one a 1 of about 35 or so, and that is getting into the upper echelons of die-cast rarity, which always piques my interest.

Couple of caveats- there are two variations of the normal release: black with yellow and orange flames and black with blue and silver flames. I couldn’t tell you if there are about 800 of each of those, 1672 of each with their own 2% WL runs, or even if they jacked the WL run up to 50% for this release. So it’s quite possible that this car is not actually that rare. But, if that’s the case, it’s still a cool piece so it’s not the end of the world!

Also scored this bad boy: