And I just keep falling further and further back with my photoshoots.

But anyways, just sharing my recent HAWLs here. The above MBX World Class Porsche 959 is an eBay purchase. The Premieres behind it were purchased from LaLD member Obsessed. Thanks a ton! The Jaguar and Volvo are pretty rare and, while they’re not exactly from the Premiere line (they’re some sort of dealership exclusive I believe), they’re essentially designed in the same vein as the Premieres.


Then, I got this lot off eBay for a steal IMO. $70 shipped for the 15 cars, which is not only under my budget of $5 per car (which I’ll have to increase for the World Class cars), but a lot of them are worth at least $10 each individually. I put in a max bid of over $100 only to find out it ended at a rather short $50. There’s a lot of cool models in there that I can’t wait to DLM!

Then, some more Premieres off the Bay. Again, got these for a really good price IMO. The Diablo’s from the Premiere line all have issues with the front wheels being too wide, but like I said, got ‘em for a good price especially considering that Ferrari 456.

My Japan Historics case finally arrived too! Keeping one for myself and the second set is up for trade. Would love to trade straight up for the upcoming Euro set so that I don’t have to go and order that one as well.

Then, at Walmart, I found the 2nd wave of Jada F&F Build ‘N Collect cars. To be honest, I’ve already started falling out of love for Jada’s but I figured these are the one product that I’ll buy from them from now on. They’re close enough to 1/64 scale, are reasonably priced now (unlike the $6 I paid for the first wave), and are pretty well-detailed. I’ve quit with the 1/24 and 1/18 F&F’s and even plan to get rid of them at some point.

Finally, some other random finds. Can’t go wrong with adding another GT-R to the collection.

To-do list is on overload right now. Time to get crackin’!