I’ve picked up a few more casts. And this time, there are a couple of Mustangs in there!

Not sure if the Skyline has harnesses or not. The gold Mustang is apparently a rarer RLC version and I paid like it was. HW wiki says it is so... it also sports a reversed fender badge as well. And I finally pulled the trigger on the aqua 69 Mach 1. Beautiful.

I thought the Vespa was pretty cool and nicely detailed. Plus it was a dollar!

F&F and Happy New Year! I finally have the JDM powered Mustang, but why is it shown as TFatF instead of Tokyo Drift?

Dear Mattel,

Please stop selling me $3 worth of packaging for a $2.50 car. It’s nice card art, but it’s going in the trash after I open them.

Thank you.

Nice mail-in! And cheaper than the Forza and GT cars!

And finally, the $TH Ford GT I received in my trade with vwpassat1978. Or I should say, vwpassat1978 Jr. who loves MOPAR. I liked the Daytona quite a bit, but I’m more of a Ford guy and the Daytona would make him happier. Glad I could help a young man with his collection.

Thanks for looking and thanks for being such a great community!