So curiosity got the better of me, and it’s been a few days since I drilled some rivets. I needed to find out what is inside the presidential limo. There are many rumours surrounding just what is in the limo such as various life support systems and masses of other technology for all kinds of world leader needs. One thing I’ve heard is it has an on board air supply. I can confirm this at least is true.

Another discovery was that the facia on both front and rear are actually part of the base. I’d had the cast for almost 24 hrs before I found this out. It’s very well concealed and nearly unnoticeable. Without scrolling to the last few pictures see if you can spot the joins.

Well I’ll point it out anyway. The rear lip on the trunk is in reality the top part of the base! Mind blowing stuff right there...

Nice job around the front as well.

Even close up it would be difficult to pick for most, I hope. I couldn’t pick it but old eyes and so on. Great details on the front.

Ok, destructive shots below. Cast was drilled and tapped and now looks completely stock again.

So now it is apparent that there is definitely a large supply of air inside as there is absolutely nothing else. Nice job MBX making those windows look bullet proof.

Ok that's it for the stupidity, for this post. Till next time....