Here’s a Holden Monaro but now with a Teutonic Tuesday Twist*. Heaps of photos in different styles, still playing around and having fun with all this. Of course there’s AC/DC!!

Mandatory AC/DC musical video for atmosphere, because AUSSIE MUSCLE. Not sure if the term ‘got big balls’ is an international saying as I’ve not traveled the globe personally. If you aren’t aware of what its referring to it means something that is powerful, fast, has attitude, that kind of thing. This GTS is fitted with a 350 cui Chev so it’s got big balls. It dosen’t stop with cars or the male gender, as you will hear if you listen to this classic Aussie tune to go with this classic Aussie muscle car.

Or Thunderstruck if you prefer,

For those that want all the specs and juicy details here’s a couple of links;……

Just a couple of quick facts then, this is a model of the car that late Australian racing legend, Peter Brock made his Bathurst debut in alongside Des West, a name I’m not familiar with at all. Enough from me, this is from Wiki;


Brock made his debut at Bathurst in the 1969 Hardie-Ferodo 500 in a Holden HT Monaro GTS 350 alongside Des West, with the pair finishing third behind their winning HDT team mates Colin Bond and Tony Roberts. He won the Bathurst 500 for the first time in 1972 (the last year the race was run over 500 miles and the last year in which driving solo was permitted).

Brock would win the event a total of nine times between 1972 and 1987, a feat that has not been equalled. His 1979 win was remarkable in that he and co-driver Jim Richards claimed victory by six laps, a record that, due to changes in race regulations introduced in the mid-late 1980s, most notably the introduction of the Safety Car in 1987, may never be broken, and broke the circuit lap record for touring cars on the 163rd and final lap of the race (the record would stand until Brock himself broke it in 1982). Brock had tried to set the lap record on the final lap of the 1978 race, but he was inadvertently baulked by the Alfa Romeo of Ray Gulson through The Dipper. In 32 starts at Bathurst he claimed pole position a record six times (1974, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1983 and 1989), with all bar his 1989 pole in a Ford Sierra RS500 being for Holden. Brock also sat on pole for the 1997 V8 Supercars race but the time was set by his co-driver Mark Skaife. His record at this race earned him the popular nickname King of the Mountain.

This is a direct copy paste from the Wiki link to the Monaro page for those who want a quick version;


In June 1969 the HK Monaro was replaced by the facelifted HT Monaro.[2] The ‘GTS 327’ became the ‘GTS 350’ with the replacement of the Chevrolet 327 in3 (5.4 L) V8 by the 300 bhp (224 kW) Chevrolet 350 in3 (5.7 L) V8. As the Monaro was Holden’s main car in Series Production racing, this was primarily in response to Ford who had released the Ford XW Falcon GTHO Phase I in 1969 which was powered by the 351 Windsor V8 engine (5.8 L)


The cast is in 1:32 scale and made in China, not sure of the brand, not high end but it’s not a bad cast. Picked it up today after going to have another look, normally they have a $50 price sticker on them but today had $35 AUD. That’s equivalent to 10.5 HW/MBX over here.

Ah pooh! Never noticed this chip until posting, sigh.

Ok, the two shots above and below are similar but each have pros and cons. The one above has the ‘sun’ in just the right place on the windscreen to hide the ‘no driver syndrome’ that affects some diarama of mine in the past. Con is the horrible door gap near the mirror, it dosen’t look like that normally so I’ll forgive the cast. The one below lacks the sun spot so that’s a con but the background is in focus slightly better than the top one. Can’t win them all.

* The Teutonic Twist.

Here I get even with Jobjoris, some may be aware he very quickly, and cleverly worked out what this cast was. Earlier I posted two clue shots that were pretty obscure, or so I thought but I gave just enough info away for JJ(?) to blow the lid off this post! So I jumped on a JetSki, hammered it to Holland and borrowed his diarama for some pan shot testing. He he he....

This is an excerpt from his reply to my question on how he worked it out so quickly let alone at all. Here’s what ‘Sherlock Joris’ had to say;

“Well, I needed the second one for confirmation. And you’re reply with it’s scale in post nr 1 helped to narrow it down as well ;-)

So google image search, color=‘white’, search-string ‘1/32 43 australia’ (scale provided by you, number visible in picture one, ‘Australia’, well because you live near it and it was a RHD): 8th suggestion from Google! BAM!”

First pan attempts, not really pan just moving vehicle but I’m happy enough for now, especially as I was in a hurry....

(Also, his 911 is very fast...)

Well that’s it for me now, more photos below just no text.