So I had to fly out to Virginia to help my mother drive back to colorado this past weekend. I initially was going to try and meet up with philipilihp in DC for a hot wheels event but my family had other plans. I believe he was able to take his young’un over still have a good time. Sorry again for not being able to meet up philipilihp!

Unfortunately I had set up a bunch of hweps right before and didn’t get around to sending them out. Luckily my lovely wife was nice enough to mail out the remaining packages. Hopefully everyone has received theirs by now. If not let me know :)

Well when I arrived home yesterday I was very pleased to find tons of boxes waiting for me! Even one that despite being airmailed from canada, got lost in the usps system for over a month (istillhaveatapeplayer, it got here!)


Thanks so much everyone! I know a few of these were first hweps for some people and I am happy to help you join the trading group here. Anyways, on to the hweps!

Red ferrari and some muscle

So many excellent porsches

More muscle and an awesomely liveried pikes peak celica (4th one I have now)

Some sweet higher end models. These will be dlmd shortly ;)

Amazingly I still have a couple packages headed my way and am looking forwards to them. Thanks to everyone for the trades!