Hey all, I finally got the time to take some pictures of the customs I showcased last week.

This time you might notice the lack of the Lamborghini Veneno, shown here in its original glory:

But no fret, I have a special feature for that car coming up. Its painted, detailed, and just needs clear coat. Expect that within the next few days.

I touched up the other 3, and took a photo shoot, as shown here. Enjoy!

Right now the 918 is probably the roughest of the bunch, as you can see a faint line of black on the front panel. Not to mention the front intake detail is very rough, but nevertheless, I am still not a complete fan of the color combo. I might repaint it, but I am not sure.


Because I am a sucker for RWB, I nicknamed it Kana, which is the name of a recent smooth widebody that is in the same Guards Red, Gold Rims setup. Albeit, not Lace wheels.

The rims are from a 934 RSR, which I had previously customized. While not an easy sacrifice, its a sacrifice I am glad I made. That being said, I’m on the hunt for a new RSR to just swap the body with.


However the axles are way to large for the 918, and as you can see above, the rear ones poke out quiet a bit. I’m waiting to need some more primer, before heading out to home depot to get the bronze piping needed to adjust them.

All the accents are in gold as well, which looks really good and yet really bad. The gold I have did a pathetic job of covering up the plastic, and the ugly plastic is still visible. I might just spray paint the entire chassis gold, and then go back and paint in the black. Likely be easier and nicer.

As I post these pictures I realize how many imperfections there are. I have a very shaky hand, so I do struggle with the details. I usually have to go back and paint with the original. That makes the detailing ones hard, if I screw up, I don’t have the paint to touch up. But regardless, I still think they came out well considering I am a novice. And wait until you see the Veneno, which has so many small details. The headlights are a fcking nightmare.

On to the P1- I have to mention Craigs Koenigsegg that he did forever ago as the source of inspiration for this one. I love blue with yellow accents, and I think the P1 is striking.

I painted the roof a flat black, as it was clear before. All around, I accented in strictly yellow. The engine has yellow accents as well. My favorite part is the yellow accented diffuser, which looks relatively fantastic. Shout out to Philip for the advice, because this was the car that I was struggling with.

While not in this post, I improved on this with the Veneno. I am really excited to showcase it after I finish the clearcoat.

However, the P1 is my second favorite. I wish I had an amethyst purple, and the skills to remove the rear wing. However, somebody beat me to that I believe.

The LaFerrari has a lot of FXXK features, but I didn’t intend for it to be a poor mans replica, but rather, it was inspired by a Swiss LaFerrari that has the FXXK wheels, and yellow headlights. I took it a step further with the black side insert, and the black roof. The wheels are actually from the aforementioned P1.

I also decided to go back and put white reverse lights on the rear lights. While brighter then I wanted, I do believe that they took good. I was extremely impatient and just free handed the entire thing. Which led to lack luster results on the black sides.

Like the P1, I went back and added Red accents on the rear diffuser. I still struggle with it coming out as a vibrant red, without the black showing through. I think I need to invest in fine tip sharpies, and fine tip paint pens.

But since I made these, my customs have grown in complexity. I have started stripping cars down, and painting them. The first of which is the Veneno. Which I will hopefully showcase within the next day or two.

I think the next skill I need to master is adjusting axles, because I have so many other cars that have been detailed, but the rims I intended for them are to wide and do not fit.

I am also hoping to do a wide body soon. But I need to find a suitable car first.


But before that, I still want to finish up the cars Im still working on. I have a Porsche GT1 that was done that I had to go back and strip again because I messed up a stripe, a cocaine white Ferrari F50, an Aventador, and a Mk7 Golf. I also have a Johnny Lightning Jaguar E-Type that I’m ‘restoring’.

The LaFerrari with the aforementioned Lamborghini hanging in the background. Insert joke here.