Welcome again to another DLM cars from 1/64 and smaller and sometimes larger. On my 74th post I will show you the first of my hawls from overseas. This one is from the rarely seen Tomica Long Series.

The name is really long and is called the #121 All Terrain Vehicle Red Salamander/Extreme V by Tomica.


Usually Tomica releases the long series with tractor trailer, construction equipment or vehicle with trailer. This all terrain is a nice addition to the Tomica line and was released around March 2017.

The actual Red Salamander is an all-terrain disaster-fighting vehicle that can rumble over rough terrain resulting from an earthquake to moving through water in a tsunami-struck area.

The Red Salamander is 8.7 meters long and weighs 12 tons. Its maximum speed is 50 kph, and it bears a price tag of 97.65 million yen ($789,500).

For play value, it still includes working tracks and turning (moving) hitch and tow. However I don’t think you can separate them. There are no openings and this one came from Vietnam instead of China.

Here is the 1:1 located in Okazaki, Japan.

Picture borrowed from Japanbullet.com