Welcome again to another DLM cars from 1/64 and smaller and sometimes larger. It’s summer time and that means we need to be ready to mobilize our emergency vehicles specially fire equipped vehicles so I’m dedicating my 77th post on a nice vintage Crown Fire Chief car.

I just realized I have a few Fire Chief Japanese cars and most if not all of them somehow are Toyota (Toyopet) Crown. Here’s one from my previous post.

So my previous post was a 2nd generation Crown S40 model. This one is the 4th generation S60 and S70 models made between 1971 - 1974.


Of course the Crown was not available in the US as Toyota tried to launch with their first generation model and was a failure.

This model was made by Tomica under their Tomica Limited series. This series usually uses existing basic line Tomica and was given the premium treatment by having nicer realistic wheels, rubber tires and more detail.

What I like about the Tomica Limited besides the premium treatment is that it still retains any moving parts and this one has opening doors.


Here is the only frustration I have. Not all of their packaging for this series has english name on it so I need to check underneath and it indicates as #32 New Crown. Note on some Tomica models are that the name underneath the car does not always match what’s on the box.

Below is the packaging style of this series.