A ‘57 Chevy Bel Air that looks like a station wagon is equivalent to a Nomad right? Not necessarily as my 99th post will show you.

Here is the seldom seen model from the Chevy family of station wagons. Instead of the more popular Nomad, M2 decided to release the 1957 Chevrolet 210 Beauville Station Wagon R35. Unlike the Nomad this came with 5 doors including the tail gate.

Showing off the engine
Now to take it for a spin

M2 did a good job with the casting. Great two tone paint combo, nice stock wheels and no wobbly issue. Features include opening front doors and hood. The tail gate and passenger doors does not open.

One complain I read was the door gaps specially on the driver side. I did notice that and some found it irritating and I understand from their perspective that M2 could have done better, but for now I am happy that this model exist and the quality is better than some of their other models.

Till then, bye.