Welcome again to another DLM cars from 1/64 and smaller and sometimes larger. Ok the lyrics were slightly change but definitely rhymes with the actual song. You know which song, right? Ok, before we start humming it’s time for another truckin’ Thursday with the Dodge twins for my 56th post.

I always wonder if the person was thinking about that John Denver song when he/she came up with the County Roads series. :) Here we have an almost identical truck from Greenlight. On your left is the 1967 Dodge D-100 Sweptline and on the right the 1965 Dodge D-100, both released 3.


The D/W Series truck was a line of pickup trucks that was sold by Dodge from 1961 to 1980. In 1981, the truck series was renamed Ram and the same basic design was retained until the 1994 introduction of a completely redesigned Ram. Both models were the 2nd generation from 1965 - 1971.

It took me a while but I finally decided to DLM both trucks after I started noticing that some of the more recent Greenlight models had some QC issues and wanted to see if there were any problems on these as well.

What I can say is besides the chrome trim from the door to the hood is slightly uneven everything else is good. The tires do not have wobbly issues. The only opening is the hood. The lights are painted on and the bumpers are molded with the body.

I’m also happy to say that this truck pass the QC test. What I like about both trucks are that they look the same yet different in the sense that the blue one has a long bed and white wheel with hubcaps while the yellow one has black steelie wheels with stepside bed.

I’m glad Greenlight decided to issue these casting as I have not seen them from any other manufacturer. These trucks are definite winners.