In this series I will showcase DLM cars ranging within the 1/64 and smaller. The 6th one is the M2 Machines Ford F250.

I love the look of the ‘69 F250 made by M2. I actually acquired the Edelbrook Walmart exclusive first even though the blue pickup was issued first since it never showed up till later in one of the Walmart store.


The Bad: I acquired one of the Edelbrock and it has a bent wheel. If you look closely the mold of that wheel it is disproportion and not the axel. I’ve check others and most of them had this problem but only on the rear right side.

So I figure not all the wheels have this issue so I contacted M2 and attached the photo so they can see the problem and requested them to send me a wheel replacement. They email me back stating that there is nothing they can do due to manufacturing issue. I explained that not all wheels have this issue and all they need to do is send me a wheel replacement. Never got the replacement.


The Good: Since M2 uses screw it was easy for me to remove the base and replace it with another one.

The Outcome: I have a new set of wheels.

Also the blue truck is not your typical American truck.

Notice that the steering wheel is on the right side. That’s because this was marketed to Australia.

Here is the truck for the US market.

Thanks for reading a bit of my rant. Enjoy the rest of the pictures.