First it’s TLV. Now it’s M2's turn with their JDM.

Having not been able to complete the set of the M2 Auto-Japan Walmart exclusive, I decided to avoid the risk and pre-order the complete set of the next Auto Japan release. This is the other package that I received and will be my 102nd post.

Here’s one of the reviews I did on the Walmart exclusives.

Except for the recolor all the models have identical themes with the Walmart release however I noticed that the racing livery on the 510 now sits on a lowered chassis unlike the previous release. I am unable to compare the Skyline as I am missing the racing livery of the Walmart exclusive.


Technically this is the 2nd release but on the base of the display case, it indicated JPN01 which would probably mean this would be considered the first official release.

Compare to Tomica Limted Vintage Bluebirds which were release in September, the M2 release still needs some improvement on certain quality and detail but overall, those cars still looks so good.