Welcome again to another DLM cars from 1/64 and smaller and sometimes larger. My 81st post will be a Monopoly theme die cast.

Hot Wheels was not the only one doing pop art or pop culture theme on their die cast at that time. Here we have a Johnny Lightning 1961 Studebaker Champ pick up truck based on the Monopoly game.

So what is a Monopoly game?

Monopoly is a board game sold by Parker Brothers in February 6, 1935 that originated in the United States in 1903 as a way to demonstrate that an economy which rewards wealth creation is better than one in which monopolists work under few constraints.


Most early board games uses just dices and tokens but Monopoly also include play money, cards and token houses

Different types of animals and objects were use as token for this game. As you can see, it features one of the Monopoly token on the side of the truck. As a bonus, Johnny Lightning also included a Monopoly token of it’s own - that of the replica of the truck.


The die cast features include metal body and chassis, rubber tires, realistic wheels and opening hood.

This was released during the 70th anniversary of the Monopoly game back around 2005 based on the year Parker Brothers released the game.