Ready for another long model? This one is extra long!

My 49th post is the Heavy Haulage transporter with excavator and service vehicle by Siku.


There are 3 models included in this set. One is the tractor/transporter and trailer based on MAN truck. The excavator is a Liebherr and the service vehicle is a Mercedes.

I came upon this model while on overseas trip a few years ago. This Siku set is based on the 1/87 scale unlike their singles which may vary in size.

So now let’s look at the features on this each model.

There are no opening parts but the tractor and trailer parts can be separated.

But the main thing is this huge cargo (at least based on 1/87) that is being transported.

As you can see there are cords attached to this model. Here is where the action is.

The cords are attached to these 2 knobs. Turning the knob on the left controls the movement of the crane going up and down. The right one controls the movement of the height of the grab bucket.

The body swivels and has working tracks. The grab bucket also works.

This reminds me of days when toys were made with plenty of working parts. However unlike before some parts like the crane is made of plastic instead of metal.

The Mercedes does not have any opening parts and should withstand rough play from kids.

So what do I think of this set?

I think I will give it a 5 out of 5 for detail, 5 for quality control as there are no flaws that I could find and 4.8 out of 5 for play value as in this case there are plenty that you can do on this model but some fragile parts may be difficult to withstand rough play.

I would say this is one fun model to own.