Welcome again to another DLM cars from 1/64 and smaller and sometimes larger. What’s the chances of getting a variation of the skylines from 2 different Target location? My 66th post is about that event.

When Matchbox introduced the ‘71 Nissan Skyline 2000 GTX, it was great news for JDM collectors who can only acquire the 1/64 Hakosuka from Japanese manufacturer thru Japanese online stores and occasionally from ebay. There may be other manufacturers from other countries that I am not aware of but there were none from American manufacturers.


First released in silver with black bumpers and chassis, this new recolor is release in matte blue with chrome bumpers and chassis. I am not a fan of matte blue as it looks unfinished as if they put a blue primer and left it at that. But... I like blue and chrome so it’s a wash.

Now back to my story. The first blue Skyline I acquired was from a Target store I rarely go to and it has the seat belts on it. It’s probably more than a month till the Target near my place finally restock their Matchbox and I found the one and only Skyline hanging in the middle of one of the pegs. Unable to determine what I acquired, I bought it and after I came home I put it under a lamp and it was the one without the seat belt.


Although not shown since the hood does not open, the Matchbox team also included 2 engine variations inside and can only be revealed by disassembling the chassis from the body.

So now I have both silver and blue variation.

By the way if you are not aware, April 24th is the 60th anniversary of the Skyline.