Does this come with a Gas Station?

On my 103rd post we will be looking at Greenlight’s Vintage Texaco Gas Station.

However the only gas station you will see is the diorama background as this set is actually a 4 car set with gas pump and figurine.

First up is a nice VW Beetle with the Texaco logo. Does the color and livery reminded you of a famous Beetle car from (hint, hint) Disney? 

2nd model is the VW type 2 pickup sporting a Texaco logo as well.

3rd model is the top down Chevrolet Camaro SS.

4th model is the Ford F-100. This is the only model that has opening hood and a removal tonneau cover.

My complain:

Wire used to hold the models are difficult to untwist in order to remove the cars. The Camaro painted wipers look really fake.


I’m glad to report that there is no QA issue on this set. Hopefully this will become a rule rather than an exception for Greenlight.