Welcome again to another DLM cars from 1/64 and smaller and sometimes larger. Here is the next installment of my Skyline blog in celebration of their 60th anniversary this year. My 70th post is about what we in America called the Station Wagon, Estate in GB and Van/Estate in Japan.

Sometimes not knowing what you have just collected can be a pleasant surprise. Ok I did not just randomly close my eyes and picked a model hoping I like it. What I meant is when I bought this set I was not really paying attention on what these models were. All I know that it looks nice, they are wagons, it’s partly blue and has the JAF logo. I displayed them and after a while put them in storage.

Then as I began to write about the Skyline I dug into some of my collection and realized that these wagons are Skylines or related to it.

This is a 2 car set made by Tomica for their TLV series. The first model below is a Prince Skyway.... Wait, Skyway? Ok this model was based on a 1962 update of the Skyline sedan by redesigning the front of the car to incorporate a new design look which resulted in the S21 series. The wagon version based on this series was dubbed V23.

The sedan version was not successful and only lasted till November 1963 when it was replaced by the S50. The Skyway name only last till October 1966.


The 2nd model on the other hand is based on the 3rd generation Skyline and Tomica indicated the model as Nissan Skyline Estate. More info about the 3rd generation Skyline on a future blog.

The JAF livery is based on an auto club in Japan much like our AAA and stands for Japan Automobile Federation.

Here is the box of the set and indicates Vol. 2.

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