On my 93rd post, we’re going to switch from JDM M2 Nissans to a JDM Tomica Honda.

Indicated as LV-N145b Honda Prelude XX by Tomica, this seems to be based on the second-generation Prelude which was released in Japan on November 25, 1982 and worldwide in 1983.

Released by Tomica in April 2017 in both red and white, I originally wanted to purchase the red but due to my procrastination, I was really surprised by how quickly both colors went out of stock in Amiami. None of the other ones have it except ebay which were charging at huge markup. Japan Booster came to the rescue with their almost decent price but only available in white.

The model is a great replica of the actual car. Of course no opening features but comes with suspension, rubber tires, realistic wheels, metal body and chassis.

It also comes with side mirrors accessories. Seems like this needs to be glued on as there are no holes on the top front chassis to insert them.

Hopefully we will see some 2nd generation Accord and Civic in the future.