In this series I will showcase DLM cars ranging within the 1/64 and smaller. The 7th one goes back to Tomica again with a box set TLV Neo Nissan Cedric Crazy Ken’s Car Club Vol.2.

This is the car that nearly got away.

When I first saw this in Amiami I was already contemplating on buying this one but the price seems more expensive compare to other TLVs. I even read about this at the Lamley Group blog where it was promoted as being available soon in Japan Booster as well.

Soon it became available in Amiami but I was checking on other TLVs that I can include to maximize on shipping. But due to distraction I totally didn’t follow up on it and when I was ready, Amiami indicated it was sold out. I quickly check Japan Booster but they were sold out as well. I check other websites and were being sold for almost twice the amount.


I was ready to quit when one day I decided to browse on Amiami’s website and surprisingly found it in stock again. This is strange as I distinctively remember it indicated sold out (which means it will not restock again) vs back ordered (which means a possible but not guaranteed restock). So I quickly placed all my wants in the cart and when I was ready to check out it indicated “One of your item is not available”. I wondered what does it mean. I then removed the Crazy Ken and it was then able to proceed. It probably had only one in stock and someone beat me to it. I then did not proceed with my order as my main reason for ordering is gone but left it in my wish list.

I then checked Amazon as there are also TLVs available and only one seller was selling this and it was triple the amount.


So it was then that I decided I might as well order the rest of the cars from Amiami as there might be a chance that they too might be sold out soon. Guess what. The Crazy Ken is in stock again so without further delay I place the order and here it is.

There is also a reason why I decided to order this. My mother who runs my grandparents business used to have this specific model as a company car and it has the same color on both body and rim without the tampo.

I also read that this set is very popular in Japan. As to who this Crazy Ken is, there might be info about him at the back of this box so if anyone wants to brush up on their Japanese language skill, here’s your assignment.