For my 97th post, a car brand that needs no introduction.

Known today for their Camry, Corolla, Highlander and more, Toyota was one of the first Japanese brand car introduce in the States. It introduced the Corona Mark II in September 1968 and was available in Japan at Toyopet Store dealerships and was intended as an alternative model to the more established luxury sedan, the Crown, sold at Toyota Store dealerships, and the smaller Corona, also available at Toyopet Stores. It was a slightly larger vehicle than the Corona with a higher level of equipment offered at the time.

Before its US introduction, it appeared in South Africa, which was the first market to receive the 1900 cc engine. This first generation comes in four-door sedan which was designated the T60, and the two-door coupé the T70.

Indicated by Tomica as LV-52 Corona Mark II 1900 DX, this is one of their earlier release model for their TLV series probably around ‘07 or ‘08. It came in both white and silver. Tomica also released a regular version in the 70's as a coupe. I bought the re-release of the original during their 40th anniversary which you can read below.

I usually rave about the detail and quality of the TLV series, however.....

this one was a slight disappointment as there was a factory defect on the paint job. What?? Quality control issue on a TLV? That’s right. My first and I must commend Japan Booster for replacing it and was told that Tomica does not consider paint issues as defect so it was not supposed to be under warranty and was doing me a favor.