The Texaco livery seems to be getting a lot of attention lately with the more recent ones issued by Greenlight. But other manufacturers are getting into it as well with my 117th post of the 1965 Chevrolet Tow Truck by Johnny Lightning.

Before Johnny Lightning got bought by Tomy, they issued the 1965 Chevy as a pickup. Now the new owner Round 2 decided to reissue this timeless classic as an old weathered tow truck.

I like the look of the package as it shows a montage of vintage Texaco photos. This is probably a hobby exclusive and that only 1,800 were made. I bought it as I like the weathered look. Looking at it at a distance made the weathering seems realistic but a close up view made it look a bit unrealistic.

The front and back looks good but the tailgate latches seems a bit too thick looking. The matte paint gave it a look of a used worn truck. The tow hook at the rear does not swing and is too high to tow a car unlike the earlier Matchbox tow trucks made by Lesney at that time.

This comes with opening hood.

It fits well with the Texaco gas station by Greenlight.

Looks like it’s closing time and time to get the truck back into the garage.

Nighty Nite.