Welcome again to another DLM cars from 1/64 and smaller and sometimes larger. Woo hoo, I am now in the 80's so with my 80th post it will be 2 Big Blues.

Like brothers, both came from the same family with different functions. On the left is the Greenlight International Durastar Box Truck series 5 with the Good Year logo and Greenlight International Durastar 4400 with the NYPD logo.

This is the other Greenlight that I bought overseas. I’ve been wanting this for a while but unable to find it locally. I have collected a few tow trucks from M2 but this is my first wrecker with Greenlight.

This tow truck could have many potentials like moving boom and wheel lift but Greenlight decided to keep it static. I wasn’t aware of this but I’m also disappointed that Greenlight only made the cab metal but the rest including the wrecker bed is plastic.

This one was acquired online when I accumulated enough die cast for free shipping. This is my 2nd Box Truck.

The box truck at least contains metal in both cab and the box with some plastic parts. It also has moving parts like opening rear doors and sliding ramp.

The detail on both trucks are realistic and even though everything is static on the wrecker I was still able to make the tow truck look like it’s towing something.