Welcome again to another DLM cars from 1/64 and smaller and sometimes larger. My 54th post will showcase not just one but 2 blue Mercedes.

As promised these are from my previous post which I showed 3 blue Mercedes.

Let’s start with the Mercedes-Benz Renntransporter by Norev. Aka the blue wunder, this model came into my possession thanks to Jobjoris and shopteacher.

I know this has been shown several times already in LaLD, but this unique looking transporter is one heck of a replica that’s worth seeing again and again.

I like how there are humps on the rail of the flat bed to prevent the car from sliding off. However the bed does not slide out so this is just a static model.

The body is metal while the chassis is plastic. The wheels are also plastic but I’m glad it did not used generic but rather stock. wheels.

Now on to the #46 Mercedes 300 SE coupe by Matchbox.

This was made in England during the Lesney era.

What’s unique about this is the opening features. Both doors can be opened but rarely do you see 1/64 with an opening trunk.

The car has some suspension but the wheels do not roll as fast as the Hot wheels. Metal on both body and chassis with plastic interior.

Overall a good combination of blues.