Happy Independence Day America and welcome again to another DLM cars from 1/64 and smaller and sometimes larger. On my 78th post, we will look at the 2nd generation VW pickups from 2 different manufacturer.

On top is the 1976 Shell Oil Vokswagen Type 2 T2 Double Cab Pick-up by Greenlight under their Club V-dub Series 4 and the bottom one is the Volkswagen T2 Pickup from Hot Wheels under their HW Art Car series.

How I acquired them:

If you recall these were some of the items I acquired overseas due to difficulty in finding them here. It didn’t take long for me to find the Greenlight which was acquired on my first visit to a toy store. Of course ever since then I have not seen another VW pickup in any other stores. The Hot Wheels took a bit of searching thru several different stores. I was only able to find it at Toy Kingdom when one of the employee somehow managed to pull it out of the stack of Hot Wheels hanging on the pegs. My eyes widen when I saw it as I have not told him what I was looking for and he explained that they try to distinguished between kids and collectors and tried to hide the more popular cars from kids and only show it when a collector comes.

The Review:

Let’s look at the Greenlight first.

If you recall when both M2 and Greenlight announced that they will be coming up with VW type 2 double cab pickup, I was interested to know how their castings would look like as each manufacturer usually have their own interpretation. Now that both are out, there are differences both in generation and how the cast was molded.


M2 has slightly more individual parts as their sideboards on all 3 sides are individually molded while Greenlight’s are molded together with the body. What I like about what M2 did is it gives them the flexibility of having an open or close sideboards and that shows on some of their models. The bed on the Greenlight is made of plastic while M2 has metal. M2 of course has the T1 while Greenlight has T2. This model also has metal chassis, rubber tires and realistic custom wheels. I also love the Shell gasoline livery and as you can see it indicated as full service gasoline station. Those were the days. As for quality, I am glad that this model does not have the usual wobbly wheels issue.

Now let’s look at Hot Wheels.

This is Hot Wheels newest release of a VW T2 pickup. It came up with a single cab and no sideboards, engine cover and even headlights. It has a matte finish with side and top tampo. It has chrome bumpers and chassis as they are molded together. I usually like the stock look but it’s uniqueness and non-wild customize look (big rear wheels) is what made me love this casting.


Both of them are great casting in their own way. One last note is that the Hot Wheels has a slightly bigger cab and wider body. However both length are the same. Hope you enjoy this little review.