After coming back from vacation, 3 packages arrived 2 days in a row and 2 of them from Japan and one within the US. My 101st post will be the ones from Japan.

The loader and the passenger

First package to arrive is from Japan Booster. Here we have the LV-N144b Atlas (F24) Hanamidai Jidousha Safety Loader and LV-168a Bluebird SSS (Red) 69s both released in September 2017.

2nd package to arrive is from Amiami which includes the Atlas, LV-168B Bluebird SSS (Silver) and the specialty-boxed Mr. K Selection Datsun 510 Vol. 2. I preorder the Atlas from them to avoid missing the opportunity when the first issue released in March quickly sold out. I originally wanted to include all 3 Datsun Bluebirds with the Altas to save on shipping but the red was in backorder. Japan Booster has the red and offer free shipping on $50.00 or more thus another Atlas was ordered as well.

Why the Atlas quickly sold out?

A lot of people including Tomica were probably caught off guard when the model was first released back in March. It quickly sold out in Japan and online orders outside of Japan gobble it up as well.


My theory is that TLV usually doesn’t have a working feature and this does and realistically done for a 1/64. Also when Greenlight first introduced their flat bed hauler they were asked whether there will be any working feature and was told that it is not feasible at this time as it will be too bulky to make it realistic enough. Most likely Tomica took the challenge and now we have a fully functional working loader.

Are there any difference on each Bluebird?

Besides the color, Tomica made sure that the differences, however small are shown. Here is a sample between the 1600 SSS (silver) and Mr. K (white) selection.

Who is Mr. K?

His full name is Yutaka Katayama, a Nissan executive who was instrumental in pushing for sportier Bluebirds in North America. If you are not aware, the first Mr. K release was a red 510 4-d00r.

One last difference is that the Mr. K 510 has LHD instead of the domestic RHD.

Thank you for your patience if you were browsing earlier and wondered why the blog is not complete at that time as I have to resort to uploading a few pictures and publishing this blog in installment to get it to work so enjoy the finished product.