Got this a while ago courtesy of Plasticprints. It’s a great cast but, presumably because of the Batboat and Bat-trailer (Batrailer?) in the series, there was a big ol’ hitch on the back, with the ball directly aft of the turbine exhaust/afterburner. It looked weird. So today I drilled it out and discovered, as I suspected, that the hitch was attached to a ring that went around the rear rivet post. So I removed it, but can re-install if I feel inclined. I forgot to take pics with the hitch, but here is the back with the hitch removed:

Otherwise, I have a few small nits to pick with the casting (triple exhaust pipes on the rear deck are vertical instead of angled, metal chassis would be nice). Overall, however, it’s a great car and I really can’t complain for the price point.

Couple pics with the current 1:64 Entertainment car:

And some with the ‘89 Batmobile that I featured a while back:

Thanks for looking!