It may not be mint but it’s still one of the tough cars to find for 1973 being the white Snake II. From past research it had a low run with the yellow color but white is more sought after.

What helps ID this as the 73 and not a 71 is the open axle front wheels with cap rears, no tabs for the front bar that held up the body and the 6969 located on the body and base. A few years ago mint ones where commanding high prices all in the three digits and even well played one where still high. I was able to get this for a low price after some haggling. I tried to remove the red paint but was eatting away at the white paint so I stopped. Others have said they would have striped it down and re-painted it. I couldn’t do that cause it would lose its originality of being a true white snake and people would say “oh you just re-painted the yellow one. It’s one of them cars you can’t restore if you want to hold on to what it is.