I went to visit Hot Wheels today at their booth on the National Makers Faire campus. They had set up all kinds of tracks, slingshots, downhill races, et cetera.

What they also had brought along was large number of the newest case of Hot Wheels cars! Imagine my delight as I walk up and see a plethora of green Ford Fiestas, white 240Zs, silver VW Caddies, Elmirajes, Aston GT3s, and two silver Tesla Model Ss.

Since it was the end of the last day of the fair, Hot Wheels was trying to get rid of all the cars so they wouldn’t have to schlepp them all back, so all the kids were allowed whatever they could carry, and I took a Tesla.

Patina, baby!!

Much better in person than in pictures. Yeah it has a weird and aerodynamically probably useless spoiler, but the track chin is much less severe than on the GT3 cars, the paint is beautifully finished, tampos all around, and JUMP SEATS IN THE TRUNK!! Thanks for including that excellent little detail, Hot Wheels! I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates it.