More Tomica TLV goodies this time from Amiami (Japan) where they have some nice selection at decent prices. I placed an order with them first before Japan Booster but since I requested SAL delivery it arrived later.

Here are 7 TLVs. I noticed that these TLV boxes looks slightly matte compared to those that arrived from Japan Booster. I’m not sure if it is due to Tomica having 2 different box suppliers or what. Also this did not come with the clear box protectors. I read from one forum that said Amiami has better deals compare to Japan Booster even when they were having a sale. Since Amiami list theirs in Yen excluding shipping while Japan Booster ebay store list them in US Dollar with free shipping with a $50.00 order it is slightly difficult to compare their prices. The main reason why I finally decided to place an order is due to their restocking of the Crazy Ken Car club at a decent price compared to what the asking price of other sellers are.

Will post more pictures in the future.